WinCross Executive®

An online tabulation, graphics and dashboard solution for market researchers and data analysts

WinCross Executive
Known as The Next Generation of WinCross, WinCross Executive allows both experienced analysts and novice users to quickly extract and highlight statistical trends from survey data.
Create dynamically filtered reports and dashboards within minutes of uploading common data formats, such as SPSS, Excel, and CSV files. With SPSS data, labels are imported automatically, for easy chart and crosstab creation.

WinCross Executive is a powerful tool. When used with its desktop companion, WinCross, the power is truly unharnessed. Existing projects are quickly brought online and can be shared on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Easily design a customized dashboard with personalized backgrounds and interactive filters, all with automatic updating. Crosstabs, reports, charts, and dashboards are shared with clients and colleagues in real-time!

WinCross Executive Editions:

The Basic Edition provides no-cost access to file sharing for up to 5 guests (My Drive), Quick Counts™ (basic tabs) and Data features. This plan is available to WinCross Desktop users in their first year of purchase, or users in the WinCross Desktop maintenance program.

The Premium Edition is available for a low monthly fee. This edition provides the ability to create Crosstabs, Charts, Reports and Dashboards. Tabulation features include significance testing, Net Promoter Score and more! Current WinCross users can quickly create tabs by exporting their existing job. Reports and dashboards are shared with clientèle via private external links for viewing on browsers and devices.

Features of WinCross Executive include:

  • My Drive - a file sharing portal for data files, report results, and more.
  • Quick Counts™ - a quick and easy-to-use feature that helps with exploring "what if" scenarios for determining whether data supports further analysis. Express tables are optionally filtered, weighted, and saved to Excel.
  • Crosstabs - variables of interest are chosen for creating crosstabs of various types, including standard, summary of means, summary of frequencies and multiple response.
  • Charting - various types of charts are easily created and added to reports or dashboards.
  • Reports - designed from crosstabs, charts, and datapoints, and viewed online or downloaded to Excel/PDF.
  • Dashboards - designed using crosstabs, charts, labels, datapoints and more. Interactive filters are supported.
  • Associates - data files, crosstabs, reports and dashboards are shareable with associates, making project collaboration a breeze.
  • Private links - external links for sharing with users outside of WinCross Executive.
  • Significance testing - comparison groups are defined using an intuitive point-and-click interface for significance testing.
  • Other features include complex logic, netting, subbing, NPS (Net Promoter Score), mean values, and more.

Features by Edition:

Feature WinCross Executive Basic Edition WinCross Executive Premium Edition
My Drive
Quick Counts™
Data View/Editing
Custom Variables
Import from WinCross
Create Crosstabs
Create Charts
Create Reports
Create Dashboards
Private External Links

WinCross Executive Pricing

WinCross Executive Premium Edition is available at the introductory price of $99 a month per user with a 3 month minimum, initially.

WinCross Executive training is also offered in hourly online sessions. Please contact if you are interested in online training.

For inquiries and orders, please email

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